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Welcome to Casa Bonita! Mi casa es su casa!

Our Story

Liesl and Richard manage Casa Bonita locally – having bought it along with friends Chris and Linda in the UK to turn it into the perfect holiday home. Liesl and Richard relocated to Spain 10 years ago to set up an IT business and since then have attempted to integrate into the Spanish culture, trying to participate in as many activities as they have time for. Richard performs as a “Costalero” (brotherhood in Spanish) in the Easter celebrations in Torrevieja, carrying a large heavy wooden float around the town with 100 other men – it’s a great honour and very few non-Spanish ever get to take part. Richard is also a keen cyclist, taking advantage of the excellent local conditions which attract cyclists from across Europe. Liesl is an active member of a Spanish dog agility group which she attends several times a week, training and exercising their two dogs when she isn’t working hard to keep Casa Bonita in tip top condition.

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